02.16.23 Love Spells Kickstarter Goal Not Met- Welcome INDIEGOGO!

On February 15th, Aviana And The Pure Root’s kickstarter for the Love Spells film unfortunately did not meet its 30K goal. You can now support by donating to the project’s new fundraising platform on Indiegogo. All supporters who formerly pledged to Kickstarter were not charged and are humbly encouraged to make the same pledge on the new platform. Donate here to help Aviana reach her goal and bring Love Spells into reality! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/love-spells/x/32664607#/

06.19.2020 In Honor of Juneteenth Aviana And The Pure Root Releases Children of the Dark

Children of the Dark art high pixel

The long awaited single from Aviana And The Pure Root’s forthcoming EP “Children of the Dark” has dropped just in time for Juneteenth. This song is dedicated to the Ancestors, African people across the globe, Aviana’s older brother who just passed on and friend and former Howard University classmate Arlandus Hood, who is seeking freedom from wrongful imprisonment. Stream “Children of the Dark” on all platforms or search Aviana And The Pure Root on Bandcamp to purchase and send fees directly to the artist.