Aviana is the leader and creative behind Aviana And The Pure Root and is joining the fight to create healing, balance and spiritual rejuvenation on the planet. Aviana is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, yet spent many years of her young adult life on the East coast. She attended Howard University for undergrad, majoring in Public Relations and New York University for grad school in the Visual Culture: Costume Studies program under the Art and Art Professions department. Aviana’s revelation about being called to music came after an extreme case of post-graduate school burnout and New York blues, activating a search for her true calling in life.

Immediately after finishing grad school, Aviana booked a one way ticket to Europe to “find herself”. After randomly reminiscing on how she rejected her mother’s push for her to pursue music as a child, she came up with the idea to suddenly try her shot at pursuing a music career. This resulted in cold turkey performances while in Paris at various open mics, cabarets and band features singing mostly Billie Holliday songs.

After four months abroad, Aviana returned to her hometown of St. Louis in 2014. The move back home was met with the sudden and unexpected death of her step-father only one month after her return as well as the massive stroke experience by her mother a year after, which left Aviana as her primary caregiver for two years. Working daily to assist the healing of her mother, as well as herself who also was battling chronic breathing issues, an abundance of natural healing practices revealed themselves to Aviana, further solidifying Aviana’s path as one that would involve the encouragement of global healing.

In the midst of serious family and health-related events that were starting to take place, Aviana’s dabbling in music while in Paris was enough to spark a fire and carried itself back to the States with her. Aviana soon took curiosity in the first electric guitar she was gifted from an uncle back in high school, but had never learned how to play. Though a largely self-taught musician and songwriter, the St. Louis based musician “LC” took Aviana under his wing beginning her entrance into the world of playing guitar and suddenly changing the course of her life. This was followed by a brief round of music theory lessons from St. Louis native and musician JD Hughes, vocal lessons under the tutelage of her uncle Charles Robinson and mentorship by her great uncle, classical music composer and pianist Joseph Hull. The signs all pointed toward music being Aviana’s true purpose and she became determined to strip away all of the things that could possibly get in the way.

Only three years in with playing the guitar and a little less than a year since deciding to pursue music seriously, Aviana released her first and most recent single “Good Morning, Come Noon” in September of 2018, which she began writing exactly one year ago. She wrote and instrumentally composed the song and plays both lead and rhythm guitar on the track as well as sings both lead and background vocals. With such eclectic musical influences, Aviana cannot be put into a box in regard to her style of music composition. Some of her influences include Bob Marley, Willow Smith, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Chronixx, Kid Cudi, Esperanza Spalding, Gary Clark Jr., Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, Earth Wind and Fire, The Silversun Pickups, Billie Holiday and Smashing Pumpkins to name a few.

An artist with vision, creativity and is on a mission to raise the world’s vibration one song at a time, we have only a small glimpse of what is to come for Aviana as she continues to emerge in the music world. She released her first EP PROPHECY in 2020. 

Aviana is now currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

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