Live While Living by Aviana presents

RISE, a Roots Blend, CALM an Herbal Blend, and the newest edition- WOMB LOVE


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WOMB LOVE is a magical blend designed to support women and one of the most sacred spaces within our bodies, the womb, the sacral chakra, our vessel of creativity, passion and creation. WOMB LOVE is comprised of 4 organic, high vibrational herbs including Rose Petals, Lemongrass, Oat Straw and Raspberry leaf that aid in soothing the womb in times of discomfort, difficult menstrual cycles strained by cramping and heavy bleeding and other imbalances that can occur in this sacred space. Drink WOMB LOVE to step more intently into your Divine Feminine energy, sexuality and Goddess power. All herbs are infused with intentional prayers of light, healing and love by its maker. ***Do Not Consume This Tea While Pregnant.



RISE is a roots blend and includes 4 organic healing root herbs, Echinacea, Elecampane, Dandelion Root and Marshmallow Root, that help facilitate healing for those suffering from respiratory imbalance due to asthma, colds, bronchitis, excessive mucous and other breathing related extremities. This roots blend will support you in achieving a natural state of energy flow through the lung meridian, giving ease to breathing, relaxation to the mucous membranes, strengthening of the immune system and proper detoxification of the liver and kidneys. All herbs are organically sourced.

This blend was created for myself which, along with other natural and healthy life choices, healed the chronic asthma that I struggled with since childhood.

*Health Disclaimer: Those with an auto-immune disease should consult your doctor before consuming Echinacea. Persons with allergies to other members of the Asteraceae family (such as feverfew, chamomile, or Echinacea) should exercise caution when consuming Elecampane. Consult your doctor to make sure this product is safe for use with existing medication.





CALM is an herbal blend and includes 4 organic healing herbs, Hyssop, Peppermint, Lavender and Stinging Nettle, that help facilitate healing and the ultimate relaxation. This herbal blend will calm the nervous system, assist in balancing blood pressure, aide in detoxification and help ease mental or physical tension. All herbs are organically sourced.

This blend was created for my mother, who suffered a massive stroke due to high pressure. This tea was given to her during her rehabilitation and has greatly aided in her recovery.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor to make sure these products are safe for use with existing medication. This statement is for all teas sold by Live While Living by Aviana. 

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